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How to Unlock and Use TikTok’s Secret Emojis [FULL LIST].Perfect photo suite 9 unlock code free free


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Become a client. Learn about what technologies are transforming your industry. Like this:. Here are all 46 TikTok secret emojis. Keep reading for the TikTok emoji codes and meaning of each emoji below. The smile TikTok emoji shows a small, round, pink smiling face. It can be used to show happiness , love , or appreciation. The happy TikTok emoji is similar to the smile emoji but with a larger, more open mouth.

It is shown as a peach-colored face with squinty eyes and a big open mouth. Use the angry TikTok emoji to express your displeasure. The angry emoji is shown as a red face with a furrowed brow and stress marking on the upper right side.

We all have our down days. The crying emoji is shown as a blue face with streaming tears. You can also use this emoji to show extreme joy , like when you see a video of a cute cat or bouncing puppy. The embarrassed TikTok secret emoji is perfect for those awkward or cringe moments. Ever seen something that makes your jaw drop? The shout emoji is perfect when you just need to let it all out. For all those delicious cooking montages, use the yummy emoji. Use this TikTok secret emoji for something that is chill , effortless , or cool.

Use this emoji to show you love a piece of content or to comment on a cute photo or video. The scream emoji is a blue face with wide eyes and an open mouth, holding the sides of its face. The weep emoji is perfect for when you need to show real sadness. Time to be downright silly.

The funny face secret TikTok emoji is a pink face winking with its tongue sticking out. Use the laugh with tears emoji for your next LOL moment. This secret TikTok emoji is shown as a pink laughing face with tears coming from its eyes. Feeling mischievous? This TikTok secret emoji is a purple face with a mischievous grin and horns. This hidden TikTok emoji is shown as a pink face rolling its eyes upwards, looking annoyed or exasperated.

Mad about it? Let your friends know with the sulk emoji. This secret TikTok emoji is shown as a red face with a scrunched-up brow and a big frown. Use this hidden TikTok emoji to express your displeasure. This secret TikTok emoji is shown as a yellow face with one hand resting on its chin. Give us a kiss! This TikTok secret emoji shows a pink face giving a big kiss. Use it when you want to show love or appreciation.

The greedy emoji is perfect for those who are always on the lookout for a quick buck. This TikTok secret emoji is shown as a peach-colored face with dollar signs in its eyes and a big smile. Access exclusive, weekly social media bootcamps hosted by TikTok experts as soon as you sign up, with insider tips on how to:.

Wow is the first in a list of dumpling-shaped TikTok secret emojis. It is shown as a dumpling with a surprised face.


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